3. How do I register for FPS with BoC Pay?

You can register your Smart / Payment Account with FPS using your mobile number or email address in BoC Pay. During the registration, we will send an SMS or email to you for verification purpose. When the verification is completed, we will bind your mobile number / email address to the bank account and register them in the FPS System.

To register FPS addressing, the steps are as follows:

  1. Select "Settings" in the Menu. Select "Payment Settings" then "FPS Registrations".
  2. Enter payment passcode or use biometric authentication.
  3. Click on "New Registration".
  4. Register with "Mobile Number" or "Email Address", then click on "Continue".
  5. Confirm the information and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. If you select to register for FPS with your mobile number, enter the SMS one-time password received.

  7. If you select to register for FPS with your email address, enter the email one-time password received.
  8. Check the registration records. You can delete the FPS records which are no longer applicable.
  9. Confirm the registration details. FPS registration completed.
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