13. How do I use my Gift eVouchers?

You can use your Gift eVoucher(s) immediately after redemption. You can also use your Gift eVoucher(s) by clicking them via "My Gift eVoucher" under "Gift eVoucher".

To use Gift eVouchers via "My Gift eVoucher", the steps are as follows:

  1. Select "Gift eVoucher" on the Home page (or enter via the Menu).
  2. Select the Gift eVouchers to be used under "My Gift eVoucher". Click on "Use".
  3. Enter payment passcode or use biometric authentication.
  4. Present the Gift eVoucher QR codes to the merchant. You can swipe left to switch to the next Gift eVoucher QR code, if you are using more than one. You can click on the amount buttons above to switch Gift eVouchers.
  5. If the merchant supports payment by BoC Pay, we suggest that you pay with BoC Pay by clicking on "Settle the Remaining Balance".
  6. Enter payment passcode or use biometric authentication.
  7. Present the QR code to the merchant and complete the payment after scanning.
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BoC Pay is accepted by merchants with the label shown below.
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