2. What should I be aware of when using BoC Pay?

Transaction Security

  1. "QR Code Payment" function should only be used at merchants who support UnionPay QR codes. Never capture the QR code and any information shown on the "QR Code Payment" page, and never send or disclose the information to others.
  2. When performing online transactions (including credit card transactions), carefully check the details such as the name of the merchant / recipient, transaction type, payment method (e.g. mobile number, email address, FPS ID, account number or the QR code used to request payment), transaction amount, currency, etc. to ensure the transaction is correct. If you have any doubts, please do not authenticate the transaction with payment passcode, biometric authentication or SMS one-time passwords.
  3. Please check your account balance and transaction records regularly. If you find any suspicious transactions, please contact us immediately.

Network / Mobile Device Security

  1. Avoid connecting your mobile devices to any public or unencrypted wireless network (i.e. Wi-Fi). Use an encrypted and reliable mobile network to log in and use BoC Pay.
  2. Disable wireless network functions (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC) and payment apps when they are not in use. Always use an encrypted wireless network and turn off the Wi-Fi auto-connection settings.
  3. Do not use others' mobile devices to log in to BoC Pay, and never share your mobile devices with others.
  4. Install and regularly update firewall and anti-virus software / mobile security apps in your mobile devices. You can visit the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) website for details:, and select appropriate apps.
  5. To protect your online transactions, we will check your mobile devices when you are using BOCHK apps. If your mobile devices are jailbroken or rooted, or use operating systems which do not meet the minimum security requirements, you will not be able to use BoC Pay. Please pay attention to the corresponding reminders or stay tuned to our "What's New" notices.
  6. You must take all reasonable and prudent measures to keep your mobile devices and SIM card secure. If you find your mobile devices have been lost or stolen, or any unauthorised transactions, please contact us immediately.

Personal Information Security

  1. Protect your passwords, personal information, bank account and credit card information, and hold accountabilities of these:
    • Please memorise your passwords. Do not record or write down passwords in an undisguised manner.
    • Do not use easy-to-guess characters as your passwords (e.g. name, date of birth, HKID / passport number, etc.). Avoid using the same passwords you have used for other web services.
    • Please safeguard your information. Do not disclose your passwords, Internet Banking login information and any personal information (e.g. HKID / passport number and copy, date of birth, etc.) to anyone.
    • Do not visit any website or use any mobile app that are not verified by BOCHK. Do not upload or take photos of your personal information using others' mobile devices.
    • Please change your passwords regularly.
    • If you suspect that your passwords have been stolen or you find any unauthorised transactions, please contact us immediately.
  2. Take all reasonable and prudent measures to securely and properly keep your passwords (including but not limited to BoC Pay payment passcode, Internet Banking password, ATM PIN and one-time passwords), which are used for binding accounts / credit cards in BoC Pay.

Smart tips:

Please download and install the latest version of the BoC Pay mobile app, other mobile apps, operating systems and browsers regularly from the official App Stores (Google Play Store, Apple App Store and HUAWEI AppGallery) or BOCHK website. Do not install any software / mobile apps from unknown sources. If you find any suspicious mobile apps, do not download and stop the operation immediately.

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