Investor Relations Communication Rules

In accordance with relevant legislations / statutory requirements, BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited ("the Company") and its subsidiaries (collectively referred as "the Group") formulates the definition, principles and disseminated procedures of information disclosure as stipulated by the "Information Disclosure Policy", and commits to ensure fair disclosure of information in order to prevent any person to deal in the Company's securities with a more favorable position than others. This aims to specify the rules regarding communication with investment community and media on a daily basis.

For the purpose of these rules, the investment community refers to existing and potential investors of the Company's securities, analysts and securities market professionals. The Company's securities include both equity securities and debt securities.


  • Primary spokespersons responsible for communicating Company’s information to the investment community and the media include our Chairman, Chief Executive, other senior management members, Board Secretary, Head of Investor Relations and Head of Corporate Communications.
  • Where appropriate, the Company may authorise other officers of the Company to communicate with the investment community or the media as part of the Company's investor relations or public communications program. Investor relations personnel will be present when unauthorised spokespersons meet with the investment community.

Responsible Units
All queries from investment community and the media must be funneled through Investor Relations and Corporate Communications units respectively.

Investor Meetings
These meetings will only discuss financial information and historical data that have been previously released to the public. Only the presentation materials reviewed by senior management will be provided. Information regarding our markets, products, corporate strategies, business strengths and weaknesses, growth opportunities and threats etc., will be discussed as long as it is not considered to be material non-public information. The Company will maintain records of information provided to analysts and investors as well as briefings and discussions with them.

Analyst and Investor Conferences, and 'Road Shows'
The Company will actively meet with the investment community in meetings, conferences and 'road-shows'. Information regarding the Company will be discussed so long as it is not considered to be material non-public information.

Profit Forecasts
The Company does not issue profit forecasts and will not comment on market estimates.

Analyst Models and Reports
The Company will not review or comment on analysts' financial models and research reports, except to suggest corrections to material inaccuracy relating to historical information that is publicly available. Investor Relations unit will provide analysts with historical data and previously disclosed public information.

Questions to Investor Relations
The Company's Investor Relations unit will respond to inquiries from the investment community that relate to information that is already in the public domain.

Media Communications
The Company will also communicate through other channels like news releases, press conferences or media interviews to keep the media, the investment community and the public abreast of the Company's developments. The Company’s Corporate Communications is responsible for media communications.

The Investor Relations section of the corporate website ( contains all relevant information that should allow an investor to stay informed about the Group. The website will also include a corporate calendar that provides the dates of interim and annual earnings announcements, and other significant events.

An e-mail alert system option allows investors/analysts to sign up and be automatically updated.

Earnings Conference, Webcast and Presentations
The Company broadcasts its interim and annual earnings briefings via a live webcast. The webcast is subsequently hosted on the investor relations section of the corporate website until the next earnings release. Interim and annual results presentations, reports and press releases are also posted on the website. Overall strategy, financial results, operating performance and recent developments will be shared and reviewed in these presentations.

Quiet Period
The Company imposes a quiet period that begins one month before the interim and annual results announcement day. During the quiet period, no investor meeting will be held and access to senior executives will be restricted.

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