BOCHK Mobile Banking

Open a bank account with us in just a few minutes and use it right away!
Manage your wealth, investment, spending and loan all in one app! You can even withdraw cash at ATM using QR cash service1! And if you need a hand, online chat is there to serve you 24/7.

1 Withdrawing cash by setting up a cash withdrawal instruction on the Mobile Banking and scanning the QR code on a BOCHK ATM.

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Payroll Service

Pay days are the best days right?
So why not set up a Payroll e-Alert via your Mobile Banking so you’ll get a notification the moment your pay is in your account. You can also manage all your income and expense easily in one account too. How easy can banking get?

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Splitting bills with your friends at dinner, transferring money or paying phone bills are all so easy with 24/7 FPS. Set the BOCHK account as default account right now, so you can make free real-time interbank local transfers in HKD or RMB using mobile number, email, FPS ID or QR code, and you don’t even need their bank account details!

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Home Expert

Want to buy your own place, but not sure where to start?
Don’t worry. Our Home Expert APP tells you everything you need to know. Property buying information, budget calculator, property valuations, instant mortgage assessments and application - all to help you get closer than ever to getting your own place.

Fancy to receive the latest property market information and property valuation alert? Subscribe to our Newsletter now!

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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BOC Life iGreen Savings Insurance Plan
Life Insurance
BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited

The first green short-term savings insurance plan certified by an independent third party in Hong Kong2, from which over half of the premiums raised will be invested in different ESG investment projects, allowing you to be a part of environmental protection and sustainable development!

2As of 7 August 2022, according to a comparison of major short-term savings insurance plans of the same category (short-term herein refers to payment term and policy term within 3-5 years) in Hong Kong’s life insurance market. Ernst & Young, a professional certification body, conducted pre-issuance assurance for BOC Life’s green insurance product series, and issued a pre-issuance attestation report for the result.

Note: Please refer to the product leaflet for the details of the Plan (including the coverage, key risks, major exclusions, etc.).

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Mobile Account Opening Preferential Time Deposit Interest Rate
1.“Mobile Account Opening Time Deposit” HKD Time Deposit Interest Rate up to 4.8% p.a.
2.“Mobile Account Opening Preferential Time Deposit” HKD / USD / RMB Time Deposit Interest Rate up to 3.4% p.a.
Notes: Offers are subject to terms. The above annual interest rate of preferential time deposit published on 11 October 2022 is for reference only. The actual interest rates will be subject to the quotes by BOCHK from time to time. Learn more

The above products, services and offers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions.
Please download a backup or retain the relevant terms and conditions for reference within 1 month after service application.