Our professional mortgage specialists are available to provide personalized consultation and follow up on mortgage applications submitted online, and to offer all-round support to customers for property purchase.

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Plan smart for your dream home with us!

The "Home Expert" APP is a revolutionary, one-stop online homebuying platform in Hong Kong. The APP will provide a "Home Ownership Road Map" including property information, property search, budgeting, and mortgage assessment, according to your property purchase needs. The APP also features the first-in-Hong Kong "Valuation Notification" function and the "Greater Bay Area Property Purchase" page, realizing your home purchase plans in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area with ease.

Home Buying?
Stay Informed,
No Worries!

Select your home purchase needs, stay up-to-date with the latest market information and home purchase tips for easy planning

Property Search?
Handy and Easy!

Cover the latest information on both first-hand and second-hand properties, allowing you to create your own “Dreamhouse” list and easily keep track on the latest market price trends to capture the best timing for home buying

Mortgage Application, Approval Goes Digital:
No Paper, More Eco-friendly!

Complete Mortgage Application in about 10 minutes and check your application progress and approval result with your mobile phone, making it convenient and environmentally friendly

Hassle-free Home Journey:
Handle Big and Small Issues with Ease!

Provide a diversity of home and lifestyle information for homebuyers to freely enjoy life

Privileges for Mortgage Customers

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Digital Application Offer1

HK$400 Cash Reward

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Apply for mortgage together with BOCHK Payroll Account / holding single-name securities account and conduct stock transaction via "PickAStock" function / Foreign Exchange Service successfully

Up to HK$2,000 reward

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Discount offers for "Premier Home Comprehensive Insurance"2

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Preferential interest rate and handling fee waiver for Personal Loan3

The above products, services and offers are subject to the terms and conditions. For details, please click the Terms and Conditions.
The terms and conditions of the services delivered through this channel will be provided exclusively in electronic format.
For enquiries please contact BOCHK branch staff.

Download Now for Innovative Experience

The “Home Expert” APP enables you to keep abreast of the property trends instantly, from Property Search, Property Valuation, Mortgage Application to Application status enquiry instantly, all these can be easily done

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  1. Customers who successfully apply for the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ("BOCHK") Mortgage loan via "Instant Mortgage Application" Service of BOCHK "Home Expert" Mobile APP or BOCHK Website; and if such mortgage loan is successfully drawn, plus complete any 4 of the following items: bind BoC Pay with BOCHK Credit Card, Smart Account and/or Payment Account, open “Wealth Management” / “Enrich Banking” service, enroll in Home Insurance / Fire Insurance which is eligible for mortgage customers, apply for BOCHK Credit Card or login to BOCHK Mobile Banking successfully, can enjoy extra HK$400 Cash Reward.
  2. Underwritten by Bank of China Group Insurance Co. Ltd.
  3. For offer details, please contact BOCHK branch staff.