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Having a strong support network is crucial in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) ("BOCHK"), has always been the trusted companion of SMEs in their creative endeavours to grow their businesses and break ground. By providing all-round and 7x24 support to business owners, BOCHK hopes to help entrepreneurs realise their dreams, seize opportunities, and succeed in their businesses.

Read on for the Tips and Sharing from 4 Entrepreneurs
on their Growth and Transformation Stories with BOCHK.

Back me up on Innovations

Founder of Novelte Robotics︱Albert Lam

Albert Lam founded Novelte Robotics in 2019, With years of background in engineering, Albert started the company during pandemic when he noticed the society and enterprises were becoming more receptive to robotics technology. To date, the company has launched robots used for food delivery, intelligent assistant, and security, adopted across hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, F&B, banks and schools. 

Sufficient funding is crucial to startups. To that end, Albert utilised BOCHK's SME Financing Guarantee Scheme, which provides an 80% credit guarantee for innovation & technology loans. This has ensured Albert has ample funds to continue Novelte's innovation and development.

"Startups require funding to power their growth, just as robots require electricity to operate. With 7x24 online loan application, I can make my visionary ideas come true and keep my robots powered at all times!" – Albert

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Connect to Success and Beyond

Bakebe Founder & CEO, Singer︱Venus Chi

Venus Chi is truly a girl boss. Apart from being an artist and singer, she is also the Founder and CEO of the self-service co-baking studio Bakebe since 2018. 

Venus was inspired to start Bakebe because of a bad baking class experience. She decided to bring the popular self-service bakery model from Taiwan to Hong Kong which allows customers to bake with video recipe in App, and was able to break even in just 8 months. She hopes to position Bakebe as an international brand and has expanded to Southeast Asian markets such as the Philippines and Malaysia, with plans to enter the United States and Canada in the future.

Venus understands the importance of networking. She leverages the power of BOCHK's BOC Connect, the one-stop platform for business strategy and tips that offers business networking, to help Bakebe find more collaboration opportunities. When expanding Bakebe to other markets, she also takes advantage of Remote Account Opening service which only takes 3 simple steps to open a corporate account anytime, anywhere. 

"With one simple click for remote account opening and one single App to connect with business opportunities, BOCHK gives me a head start to pursue all my dreams!” – Venus

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Manage Capital at a Glance

Co-Founder & Marketing Director of iMeddy | Stephen Tsoi

Stephen Tsoi co-founded iMeddy, the one-stop "Internet + Medical" ecological platform, in 2021. As an engineering graduate with a background in fintech, Stephen saw how technology can transform the medical industry in Hong Kong. iMeddy provides online doctor matching, video consultations, medicine delivery services, etc. Currently, the platform connects over 300 doctors and collaborates closely with 60 partners including medical groups, pharmaceutical and companies. 

During the pandemic, iMeddy generated value for the community by offering free video consultations for positive cases. The company has rapidly expanded to The Greater Bay Area, making its mark beyond Hong Kong. 

Stephen values efficiency in his financial management. With BOCHK's iGTB NET Corporate Internet Banking integrated with ERP cloud accounting services, Stephen has access to an all-in-one cloud-based financial accounting management service, including financial statements, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, and other enterprise management accounts, which helps him save manpower and costs. 

"No matter how large the business or complex the finances, ERP cloud accounting helps me stay in control of the company's financials at all times, enhancing efficiency. Managing finances is easy as that!” – Stephen

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Collect Smart and Transform

Founder of YaoYao︱Tony Ng

Tony Ng has over 40 years of experience in the F&B industry. Beginning his career as an executive chef, Tony became an entrepreneur in 2003 and founded QQ Rice. He has witnessed the industry's transformation and worked to improve his operations to stay ahead of trends. 

QQ Rice gained its territory-wide popularity with over 30 branches opened in just 2 years. Tony noticed the growing popularity of electronic payments and decided to transform QQ Rice. He developed smart vending machines for rice rolls to replace physical stores. Currently, these vending machines are in major hospitals, universities, shopping malls, etc.

In recent years, Tony has also brought the YaoYao franchise to Hong Kong. Tony understands the pain points of high rent and labour costs in running restaurants in Hong Kong. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, Tony takes full advantage of the BoC Bill Integrated Billing Service. With one single POS machine, he can handle all mainstream transactions in the market, including contactless and QR code payments. The system allows for real-time account reconciliation, saving time on manual account reconciliation, which helped him reduce operating costs.

"Understanding the customers' flavours is crucial in the F&B industry, whether it's regarding food or payment methods. BoC Bill supports different payment methods, enabling me to be flexible and adaptable in my operations to constantly upgrade and transform!" – Tony

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